Admission and Membership

The doors of the Ordo Ascensum Aetyrnalis are indeed open to all who seek admission.  Enrollment into the OAA and the administration of its vast material to future Emissaries of The Flames, however, have undergone a systematic evolution conducive to the practical growth, expansion, and manifold Ascension of the Order as a whole.

There was a time long ago when every person who contacted the OAA requesting the Lessons would begin to receive them, and we would devote hours every day mentoring dozens of students at a time.  As the teachings of the Order became increasingly desired, dozens soon became exceptionally more.  Apart from simply not having enough hours in the day to mentor each and every applicant, we also noticed that only a small percent actually advanced to receive the second Initiation.  Many initiates didn't complete their exercises, didn't persevere through difficulties, or simply were not ready for the intensity of the teachings that they were given.

We used to screen applicants heavily to ensure the success of our Emissaries.  Among the standards required were previous occult experience, a degree of Mastery which needs to be apparent in one's life through control over circumstantial and environmental elements, as well as a history of endurance on spiritual paths. 

- The aforementioned is no longer a mandated requirement for initial entry into the OAA, but nonetheless are recognized as strong and conducive attributes for Ascension through the Flames.  (Click here to view our ‘Guidelines for Prospective Students’.)

*The Eighteen Flames within the Ordo Ascensum Aetyrnalis are unique in the fact that they are self-governing.  One simply cannot wield the Power and Ability of any of the Flames without legitimately achieving proficiency and adeptness in any of the other Flames sequentially prior in the ascending foundation.  The Eighteen Flames are not honorary titles of recognition given by men, they are immortal chevrons claimed from the various spiritual Guardians of the Flames by unlocking them through perseverance and genuine ability, alone.

It is through this system of natural checks and balances within the Order’s structure, that each Flame is truly unlocked without falsity or corruption… each Flame a true “Sword in the Stone” to be unsheathed only by those Ready and Able .  It is primarily for this reason that the core lessons, supportive material, and initiation rite for each of the Eighteen Flames are open and readily available to each and every member, from the very moment of their initial admission into the Order and its archives.

Elaborate personal direction and options for allied-involvement with certain tiers of the inner-order may become available after properly petitioning for, and successfully satisfying the testing requirements of a Baron of the Ninth Flame.  *Additional details are further outlined in the forthcoming membership site.

The Ordo Ascensum Aetyrnalis is the training ground for those ready to Awaken the inherent god within, and take the next step in Ascending above all limitations.

  ~ We thank you for your interest, and offer you a blessing on whatever Path you might choose to walk.

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