Birth of a God

The Masters do not take their first breath of air as a Living God, but instead come into this world as the lowest of life, like all other things, and develop into the Limitless majesty for which all Soul is destined.  The Masters who have walked the earth, soared the heavens, and have entered the Heart of the Eternal and have returned all followed a basic and universal syntax for the synthesis of their God-State.

1. Control of the Self.   We are all pieces of the Eternal experiencing itself through these microcosmic bodies, worlds, and universes.  The first step in reclaiming the powers, knowledge, and Eternal state is to control the first manifestation of our existence - ourselves.  The Aspirant must learn to Master first his mind, second his emotions, third his physical body, and fourth his spiritual bodies.  These aspects of the illusion that he calls "himself" need to be brought entirely under his Will, that not a thought will enter, not an emotion will rise, not a cell will divide, and not a ray of light will shine from him without his conscious command.  Likewise, when commanded by the Will, the mind will focus with an eye single to the goal, the heart will feel nothing but the passion for the achievement of it, the body will strengthen and will endure until it is had, and the spirit will move worlds to bring to pass the Will of the Master.

2. Control of the immediate environment.  The Aspirant must learn to guide the events around him, to have control over the success that he is dealt in life, to influence those people that would otherwise distract or deter him, and to set himself up as the ruler of his world.  Far too often the self-proclaimed Witches and Black Magicians live in squalor, suffer from afflictions of health, are disliked by many and despised by more, and they are not even liked of themselves.  This is not the way of the Master, as His way is that of greatness in all things.  He is not filled with greed or envy, for all that he wants, he obtains.  He is free to do that which he wishes with his time, and is servant only to those that he wishes to serve.  His body will endure as long as Soul needs to walk this earth, and he has little time to break from his Work for illness or malady.  He is never left wanting for the things of this world… for this world is his, and offers up all of its fruits to him at his call.

3. Control of his Destiny.  The Aspirant must learn to control the future, rather than being subject to its whim.  Through the self-control that he has made a part of his very being, and through his liberation from the debts of humanity, the Master's desire and his Destiny are one.  He does not suffer boredom or wait anxiously for that day that he leaves this body forever to enter some glorious kingdom hereafter, but he realizes that he has a great and important Work to accomplish, and nothing sways him from that course.  Time is irrelevant to him, as every moment of his existence he is in the Heart of the Eternal.  Every day is spent not working towards his goal, but achieving it.

4. Power over death.  The Master does not die.  His body will remain healthy and intact until it is no longer needed, and when he sheds it like a worn skin, his life takes on a greater body, more capable of his service to his Destiny.  Many of the Masters that are known throughout time and history have returned more than once to teach their disciples to become Masters themselves, to effect change in these Lower Worlds, and to fulfill the Destiny that has been set out for them while in the flesh.  The Master, in his life, must learn to overcome death by dying daily.  He can exist outside of and independent of his physical body, and before he leaves that body for good, he is more at home outside of it than he is trapped within it.  When he travels into the states and realms of Godhood, he severs all spiritual connections to his body, so that he may be free to Travel as high and as far as he will.  When he returns to his body, his heart slams as if it had been still in his absence, his lungs gasp for breath as if they were filled with the dirt of the grave, and his every cell is electrified by the unimaginable electricity that brings them back to life . He dies daily, yet he lives forever.

These are those things Mastered through the Ordo Ascensum Aetyrnalis.  All barriers are smashed by the Emissary's Ascent into Godhood, and causality shrieks as he raises his throne above the stars of God.