Eighteen Flames

Once the aspirant has completed a set of lessons and has gathered the necessary spiritual momentum, he or she undergoes an Initiation Rite.  This ritual has both a hierarchal and a spiritual aspect.

As an Initiate completes the lessons given and performs the appropriate Initiation Rites, he or she becomes more closely linked with the Inner Circles of the Order.  With this comes a revealing of the deeper secrets and the more advanced experiences of the Ordo Ascensum Aetyrnalis.  The key to each step in Ascent is in the cumulative experience of the past step. 

At the core of each person, beneath countless layers of illusion and self-deception, there is Soul, that piece of the Eternal that is experiencing itself in the contrasting darkness of the lower worlds.  Being of Divine Nature, each Soul has inherent powers and abilities of godliness laying latent within themselves.  In each person is a dormant God waiting to be awakened. 

At Initiation, the student receives Flames, which are the active principle of Divinity.  It could be said that the Flames are the dynamic powers of creation and destruction manifested in a tangible, yet invisible form.  At the completion of the Initiation Rite, the Flames surge forth from the Etheric Plane to take root in the Initiate. 

With the first few Initiations, this may feel like a simple influx of energy and a universal centering.  Progressively, the Flames will awaken more of the sleeping Supersoul and will purify the Eternal Being completely.  As the student's faculties begin to awaken, and as the culmination of the Flames becomes more intense, the intensity of the Initiation Rite increases as well.  When the student is ready, each initiation will bring about a literal baptism of fire, and the waves of Flame will shake his or her Being to a more active state of Godhood. 

The Initiations and receipt of the Flames is separated into eighteen degrees.  Each degree is called a Flame.  After each initiation, the student inherits a greater responsibility to accompany the greater amount of power he or she has received.  The student is then appointed an Emissary of the Flame which they have mastered.

Example: after proficiently completing the lessons, and succeeding the Initiation of the First Flame, you become an Emissary of the First Flame. After proficiently completing the lessons, and succeeding the Initiation of the Second Flame, you become an Emissary of the Second Flame… and so forth.