OAA Lessons


"Perfection comes not by random acts of kindness, benevolence, power, or godliness… but by daily contemplation of the things of Eternity."

The lessons given in the Ordo Ascensum Aetyrnalis are simple in practice, but omnipotent in effect.  They are designed to awaken those parts of the Being that have been in slumber for thousands of years.  The act is to remember.  The natural byproduct is magick and miracle.

Each lesson is to be studied, contemplated, performed, and mastered with reproducible proficiency.  This can be a long and tiring process until finally it is finished and there is no doubt that your Self and Soul are expanding and breaking forth from the chains of the flesh, crumbling the foundations of illusion down around you.

*Know that once you take up the Path, the Grand Emissaries of the Flames will be with you at all times.  Spiritual Liberation is a state wherein Soul is allowed to expand and Ascend without restraint.  The OAA will guide your every step towards this state.

Below, is a basic overview of what is learned up to the Fifth Flame.

First Flame: 

  • Advanced meditation techniques, acute visualization/concentration, astral light-color working, vibration of God Names and words of power, preparation in solidifying an astral body of light, and methods of psychic/astral protection.

Second Flame: 

  • Opening, closing, and general working with the seven major Chakras and the nine Sub-chakras.  Working with the five basic magickal elements and the four cardinal directions. General work with auric vibrational rates and preparatory work with Tattwas.

Third Flame: 

  • Advanced candle magick techniques and assignments, summoning, working with and dismissing Cardinal Watchtowers and Guardians, in depth work with the Circle, Triangle and Cone of Power, and beginning work with the powerful intonation of incantations.

Fourth Flame: 

  • Designing, constructing and consecrating Tools of the Art using the Flames, consecration and dedication of various objects to an Eternal purpose, charging objects, areas, etc., and dispelling/exorcizing specific energies or beings.

This gives you a peek at what can be mastered in only four of eighteen levels of initiation.  Most of the exercises preceding the Fifth Flame are preparatory for the greater works that lie ahead, once the Initiate has ascended to Sworn Knight of the Order.  The few teachings listed above, although basic in contrast to the Workings beyond the Fifth Flame, are a valuable foundation beyond common recognition, and in themselves will aid the student in any spiritual or temporal pursuit he or she may undertake.

Each of these lessons, and countless others not mentioned, are taught in profound depth.  They are to be repeatedly studied, meditated upon, and performed until the student has proficiently mastered each and every one.  In doing so, the student will create a spiritual momentum that will break all boundaries of perception and will leave him or her sailing into the Eternal Realms as a master of creation, destruction, and the absence of both.

It is important to understand that the Ordo Ascensum Aetyrnalis is not a Metaphysical Training School where just any person can be taught the arts of ritual, magick, and practical spirituality.  It is instead a catalyst towards self-realization, and a training ground for the Godly Incarnate.  It is for those who already possess remarkable power and drive, and are ready to take the next step… ready to Ascend above all limitations in a structure that is not provided in any other institution, religion, or Order.