Powers and Pacts

The Eighteen Flames are the Source of the power of the Emissary, flowing through him into this world, the pure dynamic forces of creation, sustentation, and destruction traveling through the Emissary of the Flames as a nexion linking the Eternal with the temporal.  As he progresses, both in the Order and in his own spiritual unfolding, the Emissary uncovers powers that had hitherto been hiding behind his mind and his false reality, and he gradually peels away layers of illusion to reveal the God that lies inside.  The Eternal Being within, the True Identity, awakens as the false-self dies, until the Emissary finds himself standing above creation, a flood of omniscience surging through him, omnipotence shining from him, and existence kneeling before him.

While this unfolding process is natural, as is birth, death, and rebirth, it is a long and tiresome one, spanning time that can only be measured in several Kalpas [1].  Through the teachings of the Masters - those that have Traveled into the Heart of the inferno of creation - the Ascent of the Emissary is quickened, allowing him to accomplish in a lifetime which otherwise would have taken millennia.  He then exists in a place that is outside of time and beyond space, having prevailed over good and evil, death and hell.

Some of the teachings that, once Mastered, will quicken the Ascent of the Emissary are also those teachings that are surfacing now, as the whole of the earth is quickened . The arts of bi-location, Traveling between the planes and states of existence, evocation to full materialization, and instantaneous manifestation are some of the most ancient and guarded secrets of the greatest Orders in history, and are being brought into light today, when the earth is witnessing its greatest evolutionary leap.  These powers and abilities are some of the first that are Mastered by the Sworn Knight of the Order in preparation for the Greater Works that lie ahead of him.

The Sworn Knight does make pacts, not with devils or gods, but with his Brothers and Sisters of the Order, and with himself as he Ascends.  These pacts bind the Emissary in his Ascent, bind the Order in its service, and bind the universe in its obedience.

  1. A Kalpa is a Hindu measurement of time, spanning from the moment that Brahma breathed life into the universe to the moment that Shiva opens his dreaded Third Eye to annihilate the worlds. A Kalpa is thought to be 4,320,000,000 of our years. Each Soul is said to struggle on the wheel of incarnation for at least three Kalpas before being able to leave this physical plane for good.