Guidelines for Prospective Students

Students have come with a large and varied level of experience and from a vastly eclectic mix of religious and spiritual backgrounds. Some have reached mastery in several occult groups and are logically seeking the next step, yet others are looking to take the first step beyond the armchair into the pathways and corridors of Self Mastery.

*Two essential skills need to be developed for beginning the path, namely an ability to enter into and maintain a deep gnostic trance, and an ability to internally visualize an object vividly without distortion. No real progress can be made in any Western spiritual system without these two skills being developed. Proficiency in meditation and acute visualization/concentration are essential for building a proper foundation in those who are new to the arts of Practical Magick and establishes the requisites needed in accessing, utilizing, and controlling the somatic states necessary for effective ritual work.

These essential components will allow the prospective student the maximum possible chance in moving into the higher flames of the Order, as experience shows that those who do not prepare themselves in this manner simply do not make it beyond the first few Flames, if in fact they make it that far.

However, in order to provide students with as many options as possible, a list of alternative sources of development are included in the ‘Preparatory Development’ section of the Order’s library. *The Order’s informational archive and educational resources are always readily accessible for all OAA Membership.

Additionally, it is suggested that the student cultivate a healthy lifestyle including regular exercise, for example; Ashtanga or Bikram Yoga, and a balanced diet avoiding over consumption of alcohol and recreational drugs which tend to unbalance the personality and lead to diminished energy levels and motivation.

The above should give those with genuine interest, intellect, and a modicum of ingenium, sufficient direction to enable a firm foundation for undertaking the practical study and immersion of the Flames.