Sworn Knights

With Initiations come different titles, powers, and responsibilities.  The complete hierarchy of the Ordo Ascensum Aetyrnalis is as follows:


Emissary of the First Flame

Emissary of the Second Flame

Emissary of the Third Flame

Emissary of the Fourth Flame

Sworn Knight of the Fifth Flame

Sworn Knight of the Sixth Flame

Sworn Knight of the Seventh Flame

Sworn Knight of the Eighth Flame

Baron of the Ninth Flame

Baron of the Tenth Flame

Baron of the Eleventh Flame

Master of the Twelfth Flame

Master of the Thirteenth Flame

Master of the Fourteenth Flame

Master of the Fifteenth Flame

Grand Emissary of the Sixteenth Flame

Grand Emissary of the Seventeenth Flame

Grand Emissary of the Eighteen Flames

  As the student progresses through the Lessons and receives the Eternal Flames, he will find his own miraculous power growing beyond what he'd ever thought plausible.  This is the momentum spoken of earlier.  The powers of the Flames build, culminate, and cultivate the seeds of Godhood within the Initiate.

Once the student has been initiated as Emissary of the Fifth Flame, he or she should then be at a "magickal" par with most modern occultists, if not ahead.  The student will be able to perform some of the most cornerstone Workings of metaphysical operation, utilizing a system totally independent of Kabala, Hermetics, or any other previously known system.

At such a point in the Ascent of the Initiate, the union between the Ordo Ascensum Aetyrnalis and the Emissary will be solidified.  The student will then have achieved the title; Sworn Knight of the OAA.  The Sworn Knight will be fully in the spiritual service of the Order, and will have the whole of the Sworn Knights of the Order in his or her service.  He or she should then begin to work with other members of the Order more closely and personally, and will begin to shape his or her universe in accordance with that which is their True Will.

Once the student has Ascended to the spiritual vantage of Emissary of the Ninth Flame, he or she will achieve the title of Baron.  By such a time, the Baron should be far above that which is considered reasonable and feasible by modern occultists or religionists.  At this point the arts of Evocation to physical manifestation, Invocation, Assumption of God-forms, Projection (Soul Travel) and other significant faculties will have been awakened and proficiently mastered.  All lines of sanity, causality, sanctity, and possibility will not only be crossed, but will be broken altogether.  By all rights, this individual can be considered a magickal Adept of the Highest Order.  The Baron will in every way be Master of the Lower Worlds.

Beyond this is the full pursuit of that one goal for which we have returned to this prison of pain endless times: Godhood.  It is here that the lessons will take the student out of the Lower Worlds, into the planes of True Soul and eventually into the states of autonomous Divinity.  And those secrets shall be revealed to the Emissary, when the fullness of the Eighteen Flames is held and the Emissary has become that which is Limitless.