The Order

The Ordo Ascensum Aetyrnalis is the Order of Eternal Ascent.  Utilizing the abilities that are mastered through the teachings within the Order, the Emissary learns to control every aspect of him/herself, his life, and his universe, rising from the ashes of a discarded world and commanding the alignment of the worlds in his behalf.  The spark of Divinity which is within all Soul here becomes a raging fire that will destroy all that is dying and will exalt all that is Eternal.

This, the Order, is the Gateway to Eternity.  The doors have opened and you are gazing into the world of the Limitless.  Our life is the chalkboard and the mural.  This universe is our dojo and our classroom.  Every moment lapses into Eternity and the sectors vivisect the whole at every inverted point.  Each door will now open for you, one at a time, into the apex of creation; out of the annihilating abyss and into the very ritual chamber of the Gods.